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We invest in change driven founders that fit within our themes at the seed stage.



We have been founders, operators and investors globally 


Monik Pham

Monik embarked on her own journey as an operator and entrepreneur launching a foreign direct investment firm and later, an early stage fund with a successful former founder. She has driven business development in markets including China, Hong Kong, Turkey and the Middle East. Monik has also worked at several early stage startups leading their business development and fundraising, one of which exited to DocuSign. She is an active angel and has been investing with a family office for many years.

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Tong Gu

Tong started her career in investment banking across London, Hong Kong and Shanghai after studying Computer Science at Imperial College London. Having realised her desire for entrepreneurship, she set out to launch her own data analytics business in Shanghai which she exited before moving back to Europe to complete her MBA at INSEAD. 

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Reem Mobassaleh Wyndham

Reem has been working and investing in technology for 15 years as a global foundry asset manager, angel and institutional venture investor with 30+ companies in her portfolio, and as a founder. A killer with a social conscience, Reem has ultimately been on a lifelong quest to find efficient systems that can maximise better outcomes for more people. She is a polymath at heart and curious about the layers of the world, how it works and how it can work better leading to her (un)usual path to VC.

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We have collectively invested in 60+ companies

PactVC  Investments to Date

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Máté Kun
Tom Gatz
Tendai Moyo
Ugo Agbai
Kosta Du
Sergey Pavlikhin
Daniel Steele 
Callum Hemsley
Sven Al Hamad 
Pavel Denisjuk
Araxie Boyadjian (she/her)
Christopher El Badoui
Louise Weiss
Samantha Valentine


Notable previous investments 

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